Astrid is the Executive Chair of Australia – Indonesia Businesswomen’s Network (AIBN). She is also the founder, spokesperson and brand ambassador for this large organisation. Astrid also travels across around various Australian capital cities and throughout Indonesia holding workshops. She is also as regular speaker at conferences and seminars. She particularly enjoys building confidence in women who share her passion and interest and helping them in their future success, as she believes in strengthening and emboldening women to become key players and contributors in our communities and in the workforce. Together with empowering women, she also strives to expedite the strengthening of ties between Australia and Indonesia, and strives to empower all business owners in the pursuit of their success. She is an internationally well-regarded consultant engaging corporations, businesses, and organizations to expand their companies, their businesses, their enterprises and networks.

For more information about Australia-Indonesia Businesswomen’s Network visit www.aibn.net.au

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