Expertise: Building & Construction

Building and Construction CEO – Registered Building Practitioner

Astrid is a Registered Building Practitioner and business figure in Western Australia. In the completely male dominated Australian construction industry, amidst approximately 10,000 men; Astrid is remarkably well-known as one of only a mere dozen qualified female registered builders in Australia, and she is the only female Indonesian registered builder.

Astrid holds the title of Director for GV Constructions WA Perth based a construction company reputed to have an exceptional reputation for building superb quality Vasile Development and Vasile Build that are reasonably valued. Astrid leads a company whose reputation is based on years of producing quality endeavours to maintain a high level of excellence as she supplies Western Australia with modern contemporary buildings priding herself as both a commercial builder and residential builder.

Astrid ’s success is attributed to a disciplined, business-like approach to her property projects, complimented by a step-by-step system she personally created. She has extensive knowledge on building houses, renovation and development and is skilled at adding maximum value for the Australian building work. Her area and is skilled at creating the “wow factor” that gets owner-occupiers emotionally attached to a property, prior to purchase.

She is also a member of the Housing Industry Associations, member of Master Builder Associations, An associate member of adjudicator with the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia under the Construction Contracts Act 2004 WA (IAMA) provides services in areas such as; mediation, adjudication conciliation and dispute resolution. Engaged as a consultant to parties in building and construction claims.

Current Areas Of Practice:

Licensee registrations Building Practitioner number : 13046 Registered Builder @ Building Commission

Selected Accomplishments:

  • carries on a business strategy of preparing plans for building work and preparing and managing documentation relating to permits and permit applications,
  • principal building supervisors : building and constructions trade practices, erects and supervises the erection of prescribed temporary or permanent structures,
  • build more than hundreds residential and commercial building project,
  • managing contracts and administration, accounting, payment dispute.