About Astrid Vasile

A business owner and active member of her local community of the City of Canning, Western Australia, Regional Director Australia of the Indonesia Diaspora Business Council (IDBC)  and is involved in a number of organizations promoting leaders in business.

Astrid is acutely aware of the importance of law and order and community safety, both of which are of high priority to the people of Australia.

Her success began with her entrepreneurial determination to succeed, with a background in national and international business she is able to efficiently introduce Australia-Indonesia businesses, providing a gateway for a closer relationship between both countries.

Astrid remains a patron and member of many businesses, and continues to dedicate her time to promoting and serving the interests of Australian and Indonesian communities, to ensure both countries benefit significantly from closer ties, within the varied ethnic identities, languages and cultural practices that make up the diverse nations of Indonesia and multicultural Australia

Business Partner of the Year Winner 

Astrid is a woman who emerged from humble beginnings to do great things. In her early career days she spent 4 years as customer support and trainer in a telecommunications control software IT services company in Indonesia. She then had her start as a budding entrepreneur in Indonesia, and went on to further study, consequently earning a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Economics.

Astrid’s insight and skills stem from her MBA studies in Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Economics, from two decades of living in Singapore, New Zealand, and Western Australia, and from her 25 years of business experience. She is lauded as a registered builder in Australia and was given accolades as 2009 Winner of Business Partner of the Year by HIA- NAB. 2010 Business Partner of the Year Finalist by CSR building product, the Housing Industry Association (HIA), and National Australia Bank (NAB).

CEO – Registered Builder (Commercial & Residential Property Developers)

Astrid is the co-founder and CEO of GV Constructions (WA) the Vazari property Trust since 1995, and re branded the trading name as Vasile Build, she is a Registered builder in Australia, with commissions for residential and commercial work including new housing and renovations, industrial buildings, and retail outlets and offices in Western Australia. She is also the director and business owner of Ashridge Holdings Pty Ltd since 1998.

Astrid’s has more than 18 years experience in architecture, building and construction. She leads a company whose reputation is based on years of producing residential & commercial buildings, and is proud to be one of only 13 certified female Australian registered builders in the countries 10,000 male-dominated and oriented construction industry.

Executive Chair of Australia-Indonesia Businesswomen’s Network | Mentor

Astrid is an influential leader for these strong advocates who encourage women to expand their dreams and goals, to be leaders in the economy, to create a vision of entrepreneurship. She is also an ambassador for Australia-Indonesia relationship and is passionate about engaging business to industry, people to people, she is the Executive Chair of Australia-Indonesia Businesswomen’s Network and Mentor for Women in business Astrid’s expertise, knowledge and skills make her one of the favored contributors for anything related to Australia-Indonesia relationship.

In her corporate portfolio you will find:

  • Advisory Board Member for Women in Global Business Indonesia WIGBI( Austrade )
  • Committee member of WinBac Women in Building & Construction a subsidiary of the Master Builders Association Western Australia (MBA-WA)

Indonesian Diaspora Network- Global

Astrid was initially appointed as the secretary and currently promoted to become the Vice President of Indonesian Diaspora Business Council (Global), an interlocutor in collaboration with government and non-government sector and between fellow Diasporas in various programs.  Also appointed as the 2nd Treasury for Indonesian Diaspora Network Global. 

Adjudicator with Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia

Astrid is a graded associate member of adjudicator with the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia, under the Construction Contracts Act 2004 WA.

Former Commercial Director for National Air Charter | Principal of IADTC Flight Training Academy

Before entering the construction industry, Astrid had a solid background in aviation. She was the Commercial Director for National Air Charter / Freight company servicing regional flight Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore, working together with the Air Traffic Services, Defense Forces and Directorate General of Civil Aviation and Civil Aviation Safety Authority. She was also the founder and former Principal of IADTC Flight training Academy conducting recruitment-test and training for Pilots, Flight Operations Officers (FOO), Flight Attendants (FA), and Airline Business & Commercial Ground Staff, and supplied graduates for the Airline and Air Charter Industry in Indonesia.