Giving Back

For Diaspora – For Indonesia – For Australia


For Diaspora

Astrid believes in giving back. When you’ve worked hard and done well and walked through the doorways of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. You reach back, and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed. As part of her commitment to giving back to the community and her profession, Astrid has made a commitment and focus to become a Core Board Member of the Indonesian Diaspora Network Global.

Her local cultural knowledge and fluent Bahasa Indonesia clearly benefits existing people to people, business and government linkage, potential trade and investment for Australian producers, in developing contacts, assisting industry and government, and promoting and encouraging trade. Her expertise allows her to challenge, coach, and inspire business leaders to utilize current cooperatives with Australia and Indonesia, and to enhance those ties, in addition to establishing and creating contemporary bonds.

Astrid continues to dedicate her time to promoting and serving the interests of Australian and Indonesian communities

For Indonesia – For Australia

Appointed as the Regional Director Australia, Indonesian Diaspora Business Council (IDBC), a valuable role it can play in building Australia-Indonesia peoples, community, business and government relationships. She is also the Vice President IDBC worldwide.

The Indonesian Diasporas are spread throughout the world, and consist of Indonesian citizens, and citizens of other nations and persons of Indonesian descents. We are large, diverse groups of people, bonded by our connection and affection to Indonesia and our affection for our new country. The objective of the Indonesian Diaspora Business Council is:”To expand connections, to multiply opportunities and to promote shared prosperity for Indonesia and its Diasporas”

The Indonesian Diaspora in Australia are key to developing enduring people-to-people relations between the two countries. They are major influencers in the micro-level decisions of Indonesians (and vice-versa) that result in benefits at the macro-level to both countries and their respective economies. The Australia Indonesian Diaspora recognise and respect the importance of other Diaspora within Australia, and encourage greater engagement with all major Asian Diaspora.

Indonesian Diaspora Network Global (core team as 2nd Treasury ). A non-profit organizations that seeks to bring together and empower fellow Indonesians residing in Australia, it strives to expedite the strengthening of ties in between Australia and Indonesia. IDN Global is expected to be an effective interlocutor in collaboration with government and non-government sectors and between fellow Diasporas in various programs.