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She is a woman who emerged from humble beginnings to do great things. Spent 4 years as customer support and trainer in a telecommunications control software IT services company in Indonesia. She consequently earning a well-earned Master’s Degree of Business Administration degree in economics.. She had her start as a budding entrepreneur in Indonesia. Her  universal experience, vision, certified expert and entrepreneurial achievements are magnificently astounding. Astrid aim is to generate and find opportunities, she have a hands-on approach and enjoy building relationships, developing strategic alliances .

Consultancy page on Lead. learn. CoachMentor for women in business, she makes every effort to offer a reliable consulting service for prominent corporations and businesses within Australia and Indonesia.

To succeed in business, to penetrate the Indonesian market, to make the sale, to meet the right people, to position yourself so that your business will survive and thrive – these and many other key elements of your business strategy are dependent on accurate information and sound advice, and the companies can be assured that they are getting expert advice in Indonesia and Australia.

Cultural Business Clues

Astrid took part in the Woman in Global Business Speaker Series, where she was speaking about engaging with Asia  in Canberra, Melbourne, Darwin and Adelaide as keynote speaker known for her cultural clues for developing successful relationships in today’s global business and social environment. Astrid educates, entertains, and inspires audiences with her fresh, unique, and humorous approach to interpersonal cross-cultural communication skills, and other related topics. She is on the leading edge of business communication.

Consultant & Entrepreneur : Astrid’s success starts with her entrepreneurial determination to succeed. Her seven years of service as flight attendant for Garuda Indonesia’s airline, and her own business National Air Charter Company in Indonesia  enriched her knowledge and understanding of people and the airline industry.  Currently Astrid is an influential leader and strong advocates who encourage businesses  to expand their dreams and goals, to be leaders, to create a vision of entrepreneurship. She is a consultant engaging corporations, businesses, and organizations to expand their companies, their businesses, their enterprises and networks.  A consultant in demand by numerous Indonesian and Australian companies.

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